Made to make
wherever you need.

Now you can rapidly create your designs at professional quality with your own personal and portable laser cutter.

Industrial precision and accuracy

With a positioning accuracy of 11.25 microns, the Optic brings precision and accuracy to all of your projects. The folding kinematics system and the machined aluminum chassis ensure industrial performance at a desktop scale, while high quality hardened steel linear rails paired with reinforced timing belts guarantee incredible speed and rigidity.

Unique internal fume filtration

The Optic is the only desktop laser cutter with fully integrated fume filtration. By utilizing replaceable multi-stage filter cartridges, the Optic can be used wherever and whenever you need. And when the filter is saturated, the snap-in replacement is quick and effortless.

There when you need it

Work Area:
11.8" x 17.1"

Gone when you don't

Storage Configuration:
24.5" x 4.3" x 6.3"
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